How we’re building a sustainable food business

Ever since we started Chirky, we’ve been focussed on building a sustainable business. When we say sustainable, we mean sustainable for our planet and also for the local community where we operate.

This commitment to social and environmental sustainability is at the heart of Chirky and everything we’ve done over the past few months has been done with these principles in mind.

On this blog, we’re going to take a look at the environmental sustainability part of Chirky. Let’s get started.

Packaging with care

When you think ready meals, very often the first thing that comes to mind are those horrible black plastic trays with plastic film. We knew we had to find a better solution for Chirky, otherwise, because we couldn't face adding so much plastic pollution into our already struggling environment. Luckily, after several calls with different suppliers around the world, we were able to find a fantastic solution: our compostable, recyclable, carbon negative trays.

  • Fiber-based

  • Compostable

  • Recyclable

  • Carbon negative: for every tree they chop, they plant three more

  • They come from certified sustainable Nordic forests


Once that was sorted, we had to find an alternative to the ugly film that ready meals often use. Not only do they almost always rip apart when you try to peel them off of the tray, but they are the opposite of sustainable and only add to the world's plastic mountain. Of course, we didn’t want that for Chirky, so again, We searched high and low for a sustainable alternative, until we found the perfect fit for us - a compostable film.

The next step was to find suppliers for our sleeves, ice packs and delivery bags, which are essential for your food to arrive in perfect condition from our kitchen to your door. We decided to go for recyclable sleeves and to reuse our ice packs and delivery bags, which is something that separates us from most other food delivery services.

Cardboard boxes are a common choice for delivery services like us, and offer the benefit of being recyclable. But the way we see it, why recycle when you can reuse? This way you don’t have to throw away your cardboard boxes every time you receive a Chirky delivery and you can give the bags and ice packs back to our drivers when we deliver your next order - easy!

It took us a lot of time and research to finalise our packaging solutions, and, as you can imagine, choosing this path wasn’t the easy one, but it’s certainly been the most rewarding one for us.

Electric delivery from our kitchen to your door

Once our packaging was sorted, we had to decide whether we wanted to use third party delivery or have our own. As we had chosen to reuse our delivery bags and ice packs, having a third party supplier wasn’t going to cut it, and as we wanted the Chirky experience to be as personalised as possible, we decided to have our own delivery drivers.

This meant we could deliver however we wanted, as long as we made sure your food arrived at your door in pristine condition. That’s why we’ve opted for electric vehicles, as we believe it’s the most environmentally friendly delivery choice for our food. We know there are even friendlier ways to do this, such as bicycles or even walking, but due to the nature of our business model, the reach of our orders and the service we want to provide, electric delivery is the best option we have (at least for now).

Food for thought

The most important part of Chirky is, of course, our meals. We knew straight away that we were going to work with the best food suppliers out there, sourcing locally whenever possible and managing food waste to be as sustainable as possible.

We’re committed to adding more plant-based meals in the future, in order to promote a varied diet and alternatives for our non-vegan customers to enjoy, whilst still supporting sustainable, local farmers.


We’re constantly evolving and trying to make every part of our business as sustainable as possible, and we hope to only get better as we grow. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter on our footer to keep up to speed with all that we’re doing at Chirky.