New Year’s resolutions for 2021 actually worth sticking to

2021 is just around the corner and of course, everyone is  starting to ask the dreaded question… what are your new year resolutions? At Chirky we’ve  been thinking about this  a little bit and have decided to share some of ours.

Love The Planet

2020 was a tough one for everyone, and our planet is no exception. In order to help stop the spread of Coronavirus, single use plastics made a big comeback. From disposable face masks and gloves to increased use of disposable anti-bacterial wipes and hand sanitiser gel bottles, sadly the world will be paying for the pandemic in many more ways than we could have predicted, for a very long time.

Why not make a commitment in 2021 to try your best to give the planet a bit of a breather? Whilst we understand it’s not possible to make environmentally friendly choices all the time, small changes like choosing refillable water bottles, reusable face masks and sustainable products (and packaging!) can collectively make a huge difference.

You can find out how we’re working to build a sustainable food business here.

Eat More Vegetables

Drink more water, eat more vegetables – it’s advice as old as time but guess what? It actually does make you feel so much better! Not only are veggies great for your insides, but choosing a more plant-based or flexitarian lifestyle is another win for our environment.

We’re excited to be adding a whole range of new vegan and vegetarian meals to our menu for you, whether you’re a curious omnivore or committed vegan.

Build a routine

Feeling exhausted as we come to the end of 2020? You’re not alone. It’s been a chaotic year for almost all of us this year, and one of the main factors has been the uncertainty and inability to plan things in the future for fear of more lockdowns and travel restrictions.

One thing that helped one of Chirky’s founders, Milly, cope with the rapid changing landscape, was a routine.

“Once we entered the first lockdown, I quickly realised I needed to get a proper routine in place to help me in staying positive and motivated! I make sure I get up early and at the same time every day and I’ll go for a long walk at lunchtime religiously, listening to my favourite podcasts. Keeping active outside has been such a great way to stay connected to  the world even in the most isolating days of lockdown.”

It doesn’t have to be the most complex, regimented routine in the world, but we would recommend setting small goals to help keep you on track and feeling in control, no matter what 2021 throws at you!

These are just a few ideas to kick off the new year with positive intentions which we hope have inspired you. These resolutions are all about making you feel as happy as you can, rather than punishing yourself with restrictions and rules.

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