About Us

The idea for Chirky was born in May 2020 when, during the first lockdown, we began to miss the option of grabbing quick healthy meals on the go. At a time when popping to the supermarket involved queuing up, empty shelves and a dreaded one-way system, we soon fell out of love with the working from home meals, not to mention the mountains of washing up and the fact that it was really difficult to stay healthy if you didn't have time to cook.

We began to dream of a fridge full of healthy, fresh meals that would satisfy us without breaking the bank or taking up too much time, but we just couldn’t find what we were looking for. So, we decided to do something about it.

We knew from the very beginning that if we were going to do this, we wanted to do it in the most sustainable way possible, so after plenty of research, we decided to use fibre-based, compostable packaging, reusable delivery bags and electric vehicles, which as you can imagine, wasn't the easy option, but definitely the right one.

Once we had established the logistics, we moved on to the most important part of Chirky: our deliciously healthy meals, of course! After a few weeks of recipe testing, we developed a menu full of fresh, nutritious and satisfying meals, which we will regularly add to make sure your mealtimes stay vibrant and varied.

Our mission is to make people's lives better by providing delicious healthy meals and become one of the UK's most sustainable food startups.

We hope you love our Chirky meals as much as we do.

Milly & Leandro