Chirky for Business

Boost team morale with our healthy, delicious and fresh meals, delivered to your office or your employees' home.

How it works

Dedicated Account Manager

Our team handles everything, from getting your account set up to curating meals.

Freshly made and delivered

We deliver our fresh meals directly from our kitchen to your fridge.

Heat, eat, back to business

Our meals are ready to eat in just three minutes, perfect for your hungry workforce.

We make it easy to get delicious, nutritious meals to everyone in your team.

Heat in 3 minutes. No elaborate kitchen or clean-ups required.

An alternating menu of 20+ meals, including 8 vegan options to please even the pickiest eaters on your team.

More economical and environmentally friendly than alternative catering or restaurant delivery options.

Our meals are all made with deliciously fresh ingredients and don't contain any preservatives. Healthy employees = Happy employees!

Good for your employees, good for the planet.

Get in touch via email and our team will contact you as soon as possible. Your workforce will thank you later!